Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seigel Family Bar Mitzvah

We have recently finished working with Jayne Seigel on her son Joseph's Bar Mitzvah invitation. When Jayne first came to us, she shared a wonderful story of heritage, family history, and Joseph's close relationship with the family dog. Wanting to reflect the rich history of their family, we created a Seigel family letterhead, with a personal typed message from Jayne and her husband. We used vintage postcards from significant family locations as RSVP and accommodations cards. We really had fun working on this set and getting to know Jayne and her family throughout the process.


kurtts said...

is that a printed piece of wood or wood textured paper? either way beautiful work-and genius use of vintage postcards.


Yes! That is an actual piece of wood veneer we ran through the press. It printed beautifully!