Monday, September 5, 2011

Kristen and Jay

Something we've been doing more and more at Sideshow Press lately is printing other designers work. We always love the chance to work with talented designers to produce their work on the press. So when Jay Fletcher came calling, we were thrilled. We're big fan of Jay and his work so it was a true honor to get the chance to print his well designed wedding invitation.

As much as it might have been fun to use a bunch of blackletter typefaces and neon inks, I figured it’d be best to reign it in and create something that felt like a merger of both our personalities. The end result takes that idea literally by sandwiching simple elements & textures which represent the two of us as individuals to create a finished package that’s distinctly “us.” That’s my design mumbo-jumbo explanation, anyway. Really, I just wanted to put her in a cameo and myself in a plaid shirt, and somehow print it on actual wood.

The invitation was letterpressed cherry wood veneer which we then duplexed to crane lettra pearl white cover stock.